The Surrender Option In Black Jack

The surrender option, how many options there are, when they happen in Black Jack and how much you can lose.

Some Casinos let you have the option to surrender or abandon a particular hand. If you do, you lose half of your bet. You are allowed to do this only when the dealer has an ace showing.

There are two options:

  • Early surrender
  • Late Surrender

Early surrender happens before the dealer checks her cards for a Black Jack. You are allowed to forfeit your hand and lose half of your bet.

Late surrender happens after the dealer has checked her cards for a Black Jack. If she does not have it, then you are allowed to forfeit your hand and lose half of your bet. If the dealer does have a Black Jack, the option is not allowed.


In most casinos you may decide to surrender when it is your turn to play your hand. In others it might be different.

The casinos offer either one of these surrender choices and not both. Some casinos might not offer any surrender choices at all.

The Late surrender option is more common in the casinos, because it favors casinos more.

It works like this: You inform the dealer that you wish to surrender. The dealer, after following the procedure for either options, then will take your two cards and half of your wagered amount.


You bet $10. After seeing your first two cards, you surrender. The dealer then will pick up your cards and $5. That's half of your $10 bet. You lose $5.

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