Insurance Bet In Blackjack

Insurance pays two to one. What does it mean in the game, and how does it work?

The insurance bet in Blackjack works this way: The dealer is showing an Ace. She will ask you if you would like to bet Insurance. Only when the dealer is showing an Ace in Black Jack can you play this bet.

You can make an insurance wager up to half of your original bet in the box or the circle.

Insurance Bet, Black Jack

You place your Insurance bet on the semicircle on the Layout of the Black Jack table, where it is printed: "Insurance pays 2 to 1."

The dealer checks her Hole Card. It is a Ten value card. The dealer flips her cards over, so you can see the Black Jack.

You lose your original bet, but you win the Insurance wager. You will get paid two to one by the Black Jack dealer.

Illustration of Insurance in Blackjack:

Insurance Bet, Black Jack

You make a $4 bet on the Black Jack table. Both you and the dealer receive your first two cards.

The dealer's card showing is an Ace. You make an Insurance wager of $2. You can bet up to half of your original bet of $4.

Insurance Bet, Black Jack

The dealer has a Black Jack. You win the Insurance wager. You get paid an extra $4 on your $2 Insurance wager. Insurance pays two to one.

But you lose your regular $4 bet, remember that. The dealer collects losers first and pays winners.

Insurance Bet, Black Jack

If the dealer's Hole Card is not a Ten Value Card, you lose your Insurance wager. The dealer does not have a Black Jack and will pick up your $2 bet.

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