Black Jack Overseas

Here is an overview, what the game is called and how it is played.

Black Jack overseas. In some overseas casinos, for instance in the UK, Europe, South America and the Caribbean, Black Jack is played another way. The dealer gets only one card, face-up. The players get two cards.

After all the players finish playing their hands, the dealer gives herself a second cardand finishes playing her hand.

If a player receives a Black Jack, the dealer will not pay it until she finishes playing her hand.

If the dealer gets a Black Jack, some casinos will refund any double down or split bets.

This style of Black Jack is also called European Black Jack or European No Hole Card Rule. This is a face-up game and players are not allowed to touch the cards at all.

Some Rules and Signals in European Black Jack

Four or six decks of cards are used for the game.

To stand, if you do not want to draw anymore cards:
You have to say "No Card" or shake your head in a clear way or move your flat hand, knuckles up, sideward over the table.

To draw or hit:
You have to say "Card" or touch the front of the table or nod your head up and down.

All signals must be clear.

To double down:
If your first two cards total nine, ten or eleven, without an Ace, you are allowed to double down your bet. You put an additional bet equal to your original bet next to it. You get only one card. You cannot double down for less than your original bet.

"Without an Ace" means no soft hand, for instance, an Ace and an Eight (which totals nine or nineteen).

To split:
If your first two cards are a pair, you are allowed to split. You put an additional amount equal to your original bet. You are allowed to double down after a split and re-split.

"Cheques" is the British variation for "Checks."


You often find European No Hole Card Black Jack on Cruise Ships.

This is how you play Black Jack overseas.

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