The Black Jack Table and Layout

Explanation of the written words on the layout

Let's talk about the Black Jack table and layout.

The table is shaped like a half circle. There are seatings for five to seven players.

Black Jack Layout, Twenty-one

On the Layout of the Black Jack table, it is written that:

  • Black Jack pays 3 To 2
  • dealer must stand on seventeen,
  • but hit soft seventeen.
  • Insurance pays two to one.

The first part means, that Black Jack pays one and a half.

The second part means, the dealer must stand (cannot add more cards) on a hard seventeen.

The third part on the Layout means, that the dealer must add cards on a soft seventeen.


Black Jack Layout, Twenty-one

Some Layouts say: "Dealer must draw to 16 and must stand on all seventeens." That includes a soft seventeen.

In Las Vegas, you might find both types of Layouts in the same Casino. Check the Layout before you play. The casinos make their own rules.

In Atlantic City, the New Jersey gaming authorities regulates Black Jack rules, so all the casinos have the same rule: Dealer must draw to sixteen (16) and must stand on all seventeens.

What does this fourth part of the Layout -"insurance pays two to one"- mean?

Insurance means you are betting that the dealer has a Black Jack. This bet is separate from your bet on your hand. You have to make this wager before the dealer checks her Hole Card. It pays you two to one.

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