Even Money Option In Black Jack

Do you know when to ask for even money in a Black Jack game?

Are you familiar with this Even Money Option in Black Jack?

Some Casinos give you, the player, the option to ask for Even Money in Black Jack if you have a Black Jack, when the dealer has an Ace showing and the dealer is asking for Insurance bets.

The Even-Money option works out to be the same, if you, the player, have a Black Jack and you take the Insurance bet.

If the dealer also has Black Jack, you break even on your Black Jack bet, but you win on the Insurance bet, which pays two to one.


You bet $4. You receive a Black Jack. You bet a $2 Insurance bet because the dealer has an Ace showing.

The dealer also receives a Black Jack.

You tie with the dealer on your $4 bet. But you win $4 extra on your $2 Insurance bet.

It would have been the same if you asked for Even Money.

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