Playing Black Jack

Playing Black Jack, know how and where to start, what to look for, what to say and do and what not to say and do.

Playing Black Jack is like this:

You approach a Black Jack table. You check the sign sitting on the table. It tells you the minimum and the maximum you are allowed to bet per hand on that table.

You sit down at a table with the limit you comfortable with. You put your cash on the table. You say: "Change, please," when the dealer is not in the middle of dealing.

Some casinos may make you wait until the dealer shuffles to join the game.


The colors of checks are pretty much standard in the gaming business. Most of the time, the signs are colored the same color as the value of the checks.

For example:

  • 50 cent value checks are blue. Also, you find half dollars and quarter pieces are used.

Checks, Black Jack

  • $ 1 value checks are white. Real silver dollars or $1 silver tokens are also used.

  • $ 5 value checks are red.

  • $ 25 value checks are green.

  • $ 100 value checks are black.

  • $ 500 value checks are pink.

On a table with a $5 minimum bet, the sign is red usually and so on.

If you change $100 in cash, that's what you get in chips. You cannot say: "Change $50 in chips and give me $50 back in cash."

The dealer does not work with cash at the Black Jack table. All the cash is in the drop box. You have to go to Casino Cage for that.


When you are buying in: Do not put your cash in the betting box or circle. It might be mistaken for a bet.

Also do not do it if you are changing bigger denomination of checks into smaller denomination of checks in order to make a bet.

Do not hand money to the dealer. Dealers are not allowed to take money, or chips from your hand. Now you are ready to make a bet.

When you finish playing, you take your checks to the casino cage and exchange them for cash. (That's if you still have your wrist-watch on).

If you have a lot of checks of smaller denomination, exchange them for bigger denominations. That's called "Color Up." Again, do not put your checks in the betting box or circle when you are coloring up.

That's it for playing black Jack.

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