Face Up Games In Black Jack

Here are the procedures of face up games in Black Jack:

In a Face-up game, the dealer will deal your two cards face-up. Remember you cannot touch the cards.

Now, if you want to draw another card (to hit), you signal by tapping the table with your fingers or hand or you make a beckoning gesture with your fingers behind your cards. The dealer will dispense another card face-up to you. Remember, you cannot touch this card either.

Now you add that third card value to your first two cards. If you are under the total of twenty-one, you can take another card or as many as you want to or are allowed, according to the rules of Black Jack. The dealer should call out the total points of your hand when you are drawing cards.

If your total is over twenty-one, you bust. You are kaput. You lose. The dealer will pick up both your cards and bet.

When you do not want any more cards, you give a signal to stand or stop by simply waving your hand or hands horizontally over the cards.

Indicate you are doubling down by placing an additional bet equal to or less than your original bet next to it. The dealer gives you one card face-up.


In some casinos, since you are receiving one card, you can request it to be face-down.

Indicate you are splitting by placing an additional bet equal to your original bet behind the card, the new hand. You have to put an equal amount to your original bet in order to split. The dealer will split the cards for you. You play each separate hand full out.


You can split or double a four and a five. You can also split or double two fives. In situations like these to signal splitting, it is better for you to use the victory sign. The victory sign is the index and middle fingers.

The dealer will complete this ritual with all the players at the table. When all the players finish playing their hands, then it is the dealer's turn.

She will flip over her Hole-Card to reveal it. If the dealer has less then seventeen or a soft seventeen, she has to draw another card until she reaches a (hard) seventeen or a higher number.


If the Layout says: "Dealer must stand on all seventeens," she has to stand on a soft seventeen.

If the dealer cards total over twenty-one, she has busted. You and everybody else still in the game win. It does not matter what your hands are.

If the dealer is between the total of seventeen and twenty-one and you have a higher hand of twenty-one or less, you win. If you do not, you lose.

If you have the same total as the dealer, you break even. You neither win or lose. Then the game starts all over again with the next round.

This is how it is done in face up games in Black Jack.

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