Face Down Games In Black Jack

Here are the procedures of face down games in Black Jack:

In a Face-down game, you can pick up the cards as soon as the dealer starts sliding or pitching them your way. If you have a Black Jack, place your cards face-up on the table. The same procedure follows as in a Face-up game.

If you want to draw another card (to hit), you signal by scraping lightly your cards on the table. The dealer will hit you with another card, but this time face-up. You are not allowed to touch this card.

Black Jack, Twenty-One

If you do not want to draw any more cards (to stand), you simply slide, with one hand, your first two cards underneath your bet or checks. It is a little different here.

Black Jack, Twenty-One


Please, do not use two hands - one hand to pick your bet up and the other hand for putting the cards underneath your bet. That's a no - no.

If you draw and go over the total of twenty-one, just toss your two cards in your hand, face-up, on the table.

If you are doubling down: You place the cards on the table, face-up and say: "Double Down." Or you signal doubling down by placing the cards face-up on the table and you put an additional bet equal to your original bet next to it. Here the dealer will tuck your third card underneath your checks (bet), face-down.

If you are splitting: You place the cards on the table, face-up and say: "Split." Or you signal splitting by placing another amount equal to your original bet behind the card, the new hand. The normal procedure with splitting as in a Face-up game will continue.

Some points here in face-down Black Jack:

  • Never hold the cards with two (both) hands.
  • Never move the cards away from or below the Black Jack table.
  • Never bend or mark the cards.
  • Besides the first two cards, any other cards the dealer deals to you must stay on the table. You are not allowed to touch them.

This is how it is done in face down games in Black Jack.

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