Shuffling And Dealing The Cards In Black Jack

How many cards do you and the dealer get?

Here is how the shuffling and dealing the cards in Black Jack is done.

After the dealer shuffles the cards, she will hand you a plastic card to cut the decks or deck. The dealer holds the shuffled deck(s) in front of you. You slide the plastic card into the deck(s). If you place it too close to the top or the bottom you have to do it again.

If you do not want to cut the deck(s), slide the plastic card to anyone else at the table.

The dealer will deal a single card to you and everyone, including herself, twice in a clockwise manner. The dealer starts on her left. That's the first part of shuffling and dealing.

You and each other player, including the dealer, will have two cards in front of you, but you will only see one of the dealer's card. The one which you cannot see is face-down and called the Hole Card.

If the cards are being dealt from a Black Jack shoe, players' cards will most likely be face-up. You are never allowed to touch any of the cards. This protects the game from scams and cheating.

If you have an Ace and a Ten value card, that's a Black Jack. You automatically win. The dealer pays you and pick up your cards.

You will be paid Three to Two or one and one half times. That's with four, five, six or eight decks games. In a single deck game, you will be paid six to five.


Black Jack, Twenty-One

#1. You bet $4. You win $6. Half of $4 is $2. The total of $4 plus $2 equals $6.

Black Jack, Twenty-One

#2. With a $10 bet, you win $15. Half of $10 is $5. The total of $10 plus $5 equals $15. Just figure out 1 1/2 times your bet.

Black Jack, Twenty-One

#3. In Vegas, in a single deck game, you are paid $12 for the $10. That's six to five.


In Las Vegas, some casinos with single deck games pay you two to one for a Black Jack. But it is not a Black Jack game, it is a game between Black Jack and Spanish 21. The game is called Super Fun 21.

If the dealer's face-up card is an Ace, you did not win yet. Hang on.

In cases like that, the dealer will offer you and the whole table the Insurance bet. The dealer will say this, before checking her Hole card.


If you receive a Black Jack and you want to exercise the even money option, you have to tell the dealer now.

If you request Even Money, the dealer will pay you even money and lock up your cards. If you do not and the dealer's Hole card turns out to be a Ten value card, you just break even. You push or tie with the dealer.

You can break even with the dealer in another way, when the dealer's Face-up card is a Ten Value card and her Hole-Card is an Ace.

Once the Black Jack or Black Jacks are taken care of, the game will keep on moving. The dealer, starting on her very left, will offer to deal the next card to the players.


In one group of Las Vegas casinos, when the dealer has a Ten or Face card, she does not check her Hole-Card. She checks her Hole-Card only with an Ace showing.

If you get a Black Jack, you have to wait until the dealer plays her hand. Then you will get paid, if she does not have a Black Jack.

In case she does have a Black, all Split bets and Double Down money will be refunded. You lose only the original bet.

This is how the shuffling and dealing the cards in Black Jack works.

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