Soft Seventeen In Black Jack

Learn which kind of card combination that is in the game.

A Soft Seventeen in Black Jack is an Ace plus any combination of a six, which, because of the Ace, adds up to Seven or Seventeen. Remember, the Ace counts for one or eleven in Black Jack.


Soft Seventeen, Black Jack

An Ace plus a Six.
An Ace plus a Four and a Two.

An Ace plus a pair of threes.
Two Aces plus a Five.

Three Aces plus a Four.
Four Aces plus a Three.

Five Aces plus a Two.
Seven Aces and so on....

But when you add a Ten or a Face Card to an Ace and a Six, it becomes a Hard Seventeen. It is the same thing, when you add any Ten value card to an Ace and a Four and a Two and so on. They all become Hard Seventeens.

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