Betting And Signals In Black Jack

Know how to bet and what signals to use in a game.

Here is how the betting and signals in Black Jack are done:

How to Bet in Black Jack

Betting, Black Jack

Place your bet, the amount you are comfortable with, in the middle of the betting circle, square or box in front of you on the Black Jack table.

Once the dealer starts to deal, you are not allowed to touch this bet, the chips, anymore. This protects the game and avoids scams, cheating and so on.

You can touch these chips again when you collect your winnings. If you lose, there are no chips to touch, because the dealer already locked them up.

Signals in a Black Jack game

Signals at the Black Jack table ensure the game moves on a pace, to avoid verbal misunderstandings or cheating and to let the Eye In The Sky to keep track of the play.

Besides the cameras, there are security personnel above the Casino ceiling, walking and checking the games. That's the Eye In The Sky.

In Black Jack there are:

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