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Know how to play roulette for fun and the different variations of the game.

Roulette, also called the Wheel, is kind of a laid back game in the Las Vegas casinos. Not so in Europe, Latin America or the Caribbean: Europeans, South Americans, Arabs and Asians love the game. There is not so much hollering and screaming, but you find heavy betting on the tables.

The Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco is widely known for its fancy games. It was introduced in France around the 1700's. The game had originally a zero (0) and double zero (00) in France.

The single zero was red and the double zero was black. After a while, the colors of single zero and double zero were changed to green. Then the game was changed to one zero only, in Germany.

The game came to America in the 1800's. When it arrived, the double zero was added back to the game and the American Eagle was also added. After a while, the American Eagle character was dropped.

The object of the game is to guess on which number the ivory ball will land.

There are really no betting strategies in roulette or systems for winning or beating the house. It is nonsense. It is gambling, not investing.

I will explain to you the roulette gaming rules on the following pages.

There are basically two variations of the game: American and European (French) styles. Each has spin-offs.

American style:

European Style:

French Style:

Enjoy this page! Happy playing roulette for fun!

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