The American Wheel And Layout

American wheel and layout, make yourself familiar with the tips for roulette on this game.

Here is the information on the American roulette wheel layout:

Tips For Roulette On The American Actual Roulette Wheel

American Wheel, Roulette

The table's wheel consists of a stationary outer wheel and a spinning inner wheel. There are 38 compartments (slots) on the inner wheel.

The 38 compartments consist of the numbers 1 through 36, including the 0 (zero) and the 00 (double zero).

All the slots are marked with a particular number, including slots for a 0 (zero) and a 00 (double zero).

Out of the numbers from 1 through 36, half of the slots are red and half are black. The numbers are not chosen randomly. The Zero (0) and Double Zero (00 ) are colored green.

The American wheel rotates black and red. It rotates two low, two high numbers. The numbers face outside.

The mechanics of the wheel are as follow as follows:

A Roulette ivory ball spins in one direction of the stationary outer wheel. The inner wheel with the 38 compartments spins in the opposite direction.

Tips For Roulette On The American Layout

American layout, Roulette

Inside Bets are the area containing the numbers

  • 1 through 36,
  • colored red and black,
  • the zero (0)
  • and Double zero (00) green colored.

Outside Bets are the rest of the Layout,

  • the 1st 12 section,
  • the 2nd 12 section,
  • the 3rd 12 section,
  • the three columns section,
  • the 1 to 18 section (Low Bet),
  • the even section,
  • the red section,
  • the black section,
  • the odd section and
  • the 19 to 36 section (High Bet).

The Table

There is seating for about eight people at the table and one position for the dealer.

That's it for the American wheel, table and layout.

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