The American Checks And Marker

Tips for roulette on the American checks and marker.

Here is a look at the value of the American Checks, and the purpose of the marker.

The Checks

American Roulette checks are different than the other checks on the other gambling games in the casino. They are light and smooth, so the dealer can work better with them on the Roulette table.

The dealer can push several stacks of these checks, for payouts, much easier on the table.

American Roulette checks have no value. You, the customer, put a value on them. So, you can make them quarters ($0.25), fifty cents ($0.50), dollars ($1.00) and so on.

The dealer will also make sure that the value you put on the chip is obvious.

For example, the dealer will place a button that says "50 cents" on one of your Roulette checks. It is usually placed on the top of the edge of the wheel, the carousel or on a stack of the checks you are using.

Any dealer, the supervisor and you, the player, will know exactly what value your checks are. There will be no misunderstanding. The dealer can also identify you with a chip color.

If you come over to the Roulette table with leftover checks from Black Jack, Pai-Gow, Craps or any other game, buy Roulette checks from the dealer or exchange these valued checks from the other casino gambling games for Roulette checks.

When you finish playing, remember to exchange your Roulette checks for valued checks, before you leave the table. Otherwise these Roulette checks have no value.

The Marker

An object called the Marker is put on the winning number. The winning number is the number in the slot in the wheel where the ivory ball falls.

When there is a game going on at the table, do not start placing your bets until the dealer finishes paying everyone and has removed the marker from the winning number.

The winning number is the number in the slot in the wheel in which the ivory ball falls in or lands in.

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