The American Roulette Game

Know how to play American roulette for fun.

The game has one zero (0) and a double zero (00). One dealer handles the game. She spins the ball, clears the table with her hands and make the payoffs.

She may help you with placing your bets if you cannot reach certain portions of the table.

A floor person supervises the dealer, you, the player and the game.

Each player has different color checks in order to distinguish players from each other.

This is a fast game.


This Roulette game uses one dealer. However, in the Caribbean, American Wheel is played a lot and sometimes the game gets really jammed up.

You find two dealers working the American game. One does most of the dealing and the other helps in sorting out the checks and putting them in stacks of twenties.

While the first dealer is figuring out and making the first payoff, the second dealer is figuring out and making ready the next payoff for the first dealer. This speeds up the game.

Sometimes you find, several different kinds of $5 checks being used on the same game, so you can tell the players apart.

However, lots of times you find several different players using the same kind of $5 check on the game.

The dealer has to have a good memory in that case. The American game can get hectic sometimes in the Caribbean.

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