French Roulette

Know how to play roulette for fun and the French Roulette rules.

This game is like European Roulette. Players use the same kind of checks to make bets. Three croupiers attend this game. One spins the ball. The other two croupiers help players place bets.

It is not required that the croupiers remember which player owns what bet. It is your responsibility to know which bets are yours and how much you wagered.

Surveillance cameras monitor the games. In case of an argument -beef-, the cameras will be checked to resolve the argument.

A floor man, an inspector is supposed to know what everybody has bet for the last two spins of the ball. You figure that out!

It is a game with style. Large amount of money -checks- are involved. Tipping the croupiers is fundamental in this slow paced game.

You find this roulette version in most of Europe. You usually find it on cruise ships. Even in the US, you find a small portion of it.

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