French wheel, layout and checks

Make yourself familiar with the tips for roulette on the French wheel, layout and checks and see actual pictures of them.

Let's start with the wheel.

Tips For Roulette On The French Actual Roulette Wheel

French wheel, Roulette

It is the same as the European wheel: One zero, no double zero.

Tips For Roulette On The French Layout

French layout, Roulette

The layout is a little different from American and European Roulette.

The outside bets, the Red and Black section, the Odd and Even section, the High and Low section and the Dozen sections, are positioned differently on the layout.

The outside bets are placed along each outside end of the layout. Each outside bet section has its name in French, often you find the English version below it.

Tips For Roulette On The French Roulette Checks


French Roulette uses "Jetons" (round checks) and "Placques" (rectangular checks) for checks.

You have to go to the cashier (caissier) to exchange your money for plaques (placques).

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