Table Stakes

All poker games are table stakes, what a player can or cannot do during a particular hand

That's the rule. Only the chips and/or cash that the player has on the table at the beginning of a hand will be playing during that hand.

A player cannot bring more chips and/or cash to the table after receiving cards during the course of a hand. Neither can a player remove any chips and/or cash from the table until her playing session is ended. But, she is allowed to give gratuities to the dealers and cocktail waitresses.

At any time between hands, a player can take money -chips or cash- out of her pocket and put it on the table to add to her stake.

Most of the poker rooms will not allow cash on the table. The dealer will change it into chips directly.

If a player does not have sufficient funds to call all bets during the course of a hand, but wants to stay in the hand, she can declare all-in. She then can compete for the funds in the pot up to that point. She cannot be forced out of the pot.

Another pot, a side pot will be generated for the other active players to compete for.

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