Poker Game Types

Get to know the poker game types.

There are
stud type,
button type and
draw type poker games.

Stud Type

Stud type games generally use an ante that every player must place into the pot before any cards are dealt. They do not use buttons, neither do they use community cards as a common rule. Example: Seven-Card Sud.

With a split pot, the player who has the highest card (tie by suit) out of the seven cards, gets the "Odd Chip". Only in a high-low split game, the player with the highest hand gets the odd chip.

If there is a split for high in a high-low split game, the player having the highest card (tie by suit) gets the odd chip.

If there is a split for low in a high-low split game, the player with the lowest card (tie by suit) gets the odd chip.

An Odd Chip is the leftover chip after the pot is split.

A player needs to have all seven cards at showdown, although only five count.

Button type

Button type games use community cards, blinds and buttons.

In a button game the deal starts to the left, clockwise, of the player with dealer button.

In a split pot with an Odd Chip, the first player to the left of dealer button gets the Odd Chip.

A player playing the board at showdown has to announce it before discarding her hand, otherwise her hand will be considered dead.

The minimum buy-in for most structured button games is usually at least ten times the amount of the big blind. Example: Texas Hold'em.

Draw type

Draw type games are usually restricted to eight players to try to avoid running out of cards. All players receive five cards face down on the first deal. There is the first betting round.

After this the players can draw (replace) as many cards as they want to.
A player who wants five cards can only draw four cards at the same time.
The dealer will then give the other active players their draw cards.
After this, the dealer will give the player drawing five cards her fifth card.

If she is the last player to draw, the dealer will give her four cards, then burn a card, and then give her the fifth card.

Then follows another betting round, and then the Showdown. Example: Straight High.

These poker draw games use a dealer button, or a blind. If using a dealer button, the player directly to the left on the dealer button begins the action. If using a blind, the player directly to the left of the blind begins the action.

Placed on the poker table or hanging over it will be a sign displaying the name of the poker game being played, the limits (betting) and the rake.

These are the poker game types.

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