Betting Language

Here is the betting language in a poker game.

To check

To give up (waive) your right to bet when it is your turn. (You still keep the right to act if another player starts the betting.)

To Bet (bet)

To put money on any hand (rounds) by placing chips into the pot.

To Call (call)

To match the amount of money (bet or raise) put in the pot by another player.

To Raise (Raise)

To make a wager at least double the amount of a bet already placed in the pot by another player.

To Re-raise

To make a wager at least fifty percent more or higher than the amount of a raised bet.

Example of re-raising

Player A makes $20 bet. Player B raises it to $40 and player C re-raises it to $60.

To Fold

To discard, dispose of your hand. To drop out of the pot rather than call a bet or raise.

Table And Layout

The table is a simple rectangle with round ends. The top of the table is covered with a layout, a felt, usually colored green, but it can be some other colors, too.

The table is set up for seven to twelve players. The dealer sits in the middle of one of the sides. That seat is called "the Box". The seats are numbered. The number one starts at the dealer's (Box) left, clockwise.

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